For The Community Festival was born out of a semi-revolutionary multi-cultural conglomeration of activists called the Houston Free Thinkers. Of course many artists and musicians were in this group, and some great talent emerged into what is now Visionary noise Records and Publishing. But, Visionary Noise is more than just a record label. If you are a fan of live, independent music, here is your opportunity for an alternative introduction to the fun! Without skipping a beat Visionary Noise is able to host successful multi-genre shows! You might find hardcore, indie, and metal shows mixed with rap, pop, country, folk, electronic producers, and more. 

Houston has been blessed with a vibrant music scene for the past five decades, with rock bands, rappers, and hiphop performers being major contributors. The current crop of musicians produce a variety of sounds and concert experiences, giving local music enthusiasts options for a night out. The Bayou City is home to so many amazing night clubs and venues with a rich history of culture and a diversity. Within these walls, the atmospheres and music types vary widely, but deep down Houstonians share a love of great music and advancing up and coming talented artists. Visionary Noise taps into that love, expands upon it, and delivers it right back twice annually in a music and art explosion called For The Community. The fest pairs the music with visual art, poetry, speakers, theater, great food, and multiple stages triangulated between several venues in the Houston City Center. The underlying activist roots are a binding theme, attracting the best talent locally and all the way to Japan.

When people think of Texas’s most musical city, Houston is usually not the first one that comes to mind, however Houston has been growing its music scene in the shadows. It's indie urban sphere is one place in particular where Houston sparkles, and music fans are starting to take notice. Fans always come in for the festival and this fall's installment is attractive indeed, featuring award winning, and critically acclaimed acts including an artist who performed at Bonaroo, an IDM producer all the way from Italy, HPMA winning musicians, acts that have played FPSF and so much more! 

We are Visionary Noise currently accepts unsolicited material from bands, musicians, artists, and performers. We believe in everything we release. We operate with a unique and revolutionary business model, serving a progressive solution to dynamic musicians. We work in partnership with some of the best talent Texas and the Third Coast have to offer. We are a full service publishing group.  Visionary Noise is an independent record label operating without the funding of major record labels. This enables us to ensure the integrity of the art, and allows artists the creative freedom they need to make the impact they are striving for individually. As a boutique label, we give established, and up and coming powerful artists latitude in discovering and promoting their talent.
Our promotions group hosts a variety of national festivals and shows in order to build fanbases centered around talent as it moves around the country. We have produced shows in NYC and other major cities around the nation. We have local shows weekly around Greater Houston, where we are headquartered. We offer the highest quality in-house production and draw from a network of studios, printing and production crews in order to showcase the explosive talent we have today. We are proud to offer only the highest quality materials, coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing standards. Our product partners are adept in progressive methods of manufacturing and delivery.  The common thread is the unconditional love for the experimentation of innovative production techniques and the desire to introduce to the outside world their own music vision without limits.
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